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Prissy Memorial Fund

Many of you may have already heard Prissy's special story. Unfortunately her life ended much too soon. As a result, we have started a special memorial fund in her honor.

Monies donated in her memory will be set aside and used for any future search and rescue efforts needed to bring a furry friend home. Hopefully, we will never have to experience that situation again, but we take our motto seriously and will do whatever it takes to keep these animals safe and in loving homes....

"No Pet Left Behind"

Contribute to the Prissy Memorial Fund with a credit or debit card by clicking any of the secure "Donate" buttons on our website. If you prefer, mail a check to PO Box 638 Oakley 94561 or stop by any of our upcoming events.

Prissy touched the lives of many humans. Please help touch the lives of many animals who need and rely on humans to keep them safe.

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